My husband and I were wanting to work on making a more secure retirement plan for ourselves and wanted to get into real estate. The problem was, we had no clear answer as to what was the best way to go about it. It seemed we were always a step behind someone who had cash to offer and it seemed like we could never get ahead.

Zach was referred to us by our real estate agent and we are SO glad we met with him. He is very knowledgeable and very willing to share what he knows. He met with us for coffee and heard our ideas, asked many questions which led us to think about things we didn’t know existed and helped us formulate a few plans of action that would be best for us. 

Because of his help, we now are able to rent our first home for profit and are in a brand new one. With the plan we chose, we will be able to be in the market for another rental home soon so we can continue to build our future for ourselves and our children. 

You should not hesitate to talk to Zach about your ideas. He knows from real-life experience and honestly wants to help others. We will consult with him going forward and I have recommended him already to my friends and family.

“If I could give 6 stars, I would give them to Zach. From the moment we started working together, he was dedicated to achieving my vision. I request a lot of edits and some revisions, and he gladly completed them (and in a timely manner). I appreciate his attention to detail, his passion and his willingness to educate his clients.

If you’re looking for someone to not only produce an awesome product for you, but someone who will guide you every step of the way, then I highly recommend working with Zach.” – Melissa, Owner of Blind Move Charlotte

Blind Move charlotte owner Melissa Pratt
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Wenatchee's Top Realtor

As Aubrey’s marketing consultant, I revamped her strategy to keep her top-of-mind with clients. We automated drip campaigns, prioritized authentic content, updated her website by enhancing her SEO (search engine optimization, and added review integrations. These enhancements boosted her engagement, trust, and online presence, solidifying her position as a top realtor in Washington state.

“Zachary did a terrific job surveying over 20,000 real estate agent to determine interest in commercial property business. He used Mailchimp to send a professional email with a voting button link and recorded in details all responses. He communicated well and was very thorough and insightful about the process.” – Robert H., Louisiana Commercial Realty