Master Your Money in a Healthy Manner

I'm here to teach you the healthy methods of personal finance. Think of  finances like food... Eating fried chicken and cake fill you up, but they raise cholesterol and can make you gain weight. Vegetables are the better choice. Paying off all debts and buying a luxury vehicle feels great, but you have no investments and expensive car maintenance. Balance is the better choice... just like a nutrition plan.

Healthy money habits target three main areas: your net worth, funds, and income. Once you take back full control over each area, you will feel less stress, more excitement, and hopefully a sense of ongoing freedom.


A financial plan is a comprehensive picture of your entire financial situation including details about your cash flow, savings, debts, investments, insurance, and other aspects. Having a good money plan is the first step to creating strong financial health and clear strategies for achieving your goals.

Implementing steps from your financial plan are essential to building a healthier life. Transform yourself into a money machine that consistently makes the right financial decision.

Enhancing your life is a result of extensive planning, execution, and improvements. Each creates the reality you deserve! Imagine how it will feel to know the correct choice to make for each financial situation.

If you're ready to stop living your life by accident and start living with intention...

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Zach Pittman is an international marketing consultant and managing director of Zynvestor Properties LLC, growing his brand and businesses while experiencing all the world has to offer.

While working a full-time job and founding two side businesses, Zach's vision has been to architect a completely fulfilling life full of healthy wealth-building strategies and experiences - and to empower you to do the same, so that you can inspire others to create a plan leading to a life of enjoyment.

Zach teaches how to become a more secure, thoughtful, and deliberate financial expert who can create a life they enjoy and treat themselves to success by their own standards.

Zach acquired a degree in accounting and a master's in business administration prior to passing the Series 65 exam to become a registered investment advisor. He now advises businesses in marketing, provides healthy personal finance solutions and holds real estate in multiple states.

He has worked with multiple clients in 5+ countries to build their online presence and has a loyal community of 5,000+ following his message around the world.

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you, amazing work! You are a genius! Thanks for the hand and your work… Without a doubt, you will have all the recognition from our side to promote your work.”

Mauro Regueiro


“Zach is courteous, professional and very knowledgeable. He gathered info which he presented clearly and more than tripled my social media presence!”

Lynne Parker


“You went from Taco Bell to finalizing a lesson structure in what defines a real man, and acquired promotion for it all in one night? Please be my mentor” 😂

Cody James


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